And so it begins…

I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.

ā€” Charles M. Schultz.

Before you read any further, hit “subscribe”. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I promise you’ll enjoy what you read. FYI, I’m horrible at keeping promises. However, blogging (or writing a future book) is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

After every life lesson, hilarious event, heartbreaking moment, or random incident, I’ve always thought ‘I should write a book’… mostly because everything that happens to me is ironic (at least in my head). I constantly find myself amusing (someone has to). At the end of the day I’m totally gung-ho to share; then I second-guess and doubt myself. Well, not anymore. Here’s the fun part… I no longer care.

I’m FAR from any ‘self help guru’. In fact, if you remotely think that I’m preaching to you, you’re so wrong. I’m preaching to myself. I’m healing myself. These are mountains and valleys that helped shape a ‘survival guide’, and if they enrich any corner of your life then WHEW, that is just icing on the cake (I shouldn’t have mentioned cake, since I’m currently revamping my physical-self as well).

So here’s to my multiple voices, random thoughts, and twisted humor… with a little truth, faith, politics, and political incorrectness mixed in.

  • Allison

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